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Are the Capitals for real this year?

Hi! My name is Tristan, I’m a huge Caps fan. Please leave comments below if you don’t agree with me, I like to read people’s feedback.

Let me begin, do I think the Washington Capitals are for real? As much as I would love them to be, I don’t think they are. They haven’t proved anything to me yet to believe it the Capitals are always one of the best teams in the NHL during regular season play, but when it comes to playoffs we are one and done. Don’t get me wrong we brought in two great wingers in the offseason this year in T.J Oshie and Justin Williams. I’m not too worried about offence, as we are stacked.


38-9-4 OVERALL | 14-3-2 METROPOLITAN (1ST)
Capitals 3.26 2.22 27.54%
Eastern 1st 2nd 1st

My worry is the back end as we do have one of the best goalies in the league, but we make him work like a horse.

Our D-core is good, but they aren’t nearly good enough as they make Holtby work way too hard. At the end of the season the amount of work will wear on him. If we can get 1 more solid D-man for Laich, a pick and a prospect before the Trade Deadline then I feel like we can make a big push. If we can’t get another d-man I don’t think we will make it far.

Thank you for the read.


2 thoughts on “Are the Capitals for real this year?

  1. On D you are forgetting Orpik and Schmidt. I think Orpik coming back will shore things up as he has missed most of the year.

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