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Trade Analysis: Granlund for Shinkaruk

The Calgary Flames have recently traded Markus Granlund to Vancouver in exchange for Hunter Shinkaruk.

Now what this deal does for Calgary is give them a winger that they could use to potentially play with Monahan and Gaudreau. Shinkaruk has shown alot of potential being 7th in scoring in the AHL, also being a 1st round draft pick. Also the fact that he is a native Calgarian makes it better, because this is his home town. I would say give him till the end of this year to 3 years from now till hes NHL ready. But we shouldn’t be so expective of him, look at Mason Raymond he’s a native of Cochrane, but he didn’t play well here. Bottom line; he has potential, but lets see if he lives up to it

Now with Markus Granlund; he is a potential 2nd line centre, but Calgary basically has that already. With Stajan, Jooris, Bennett (could be a potiental top line centre) and Backlund. Calgary really needed a winger and Granlund hasn’t been playing much of late. He shouldn’t have been benched nearly that much. He deserves to play, now I can see him having a good spot in Vancouver especially since the Sedins are nearing the end of their career. Just like Shinkaruk, Granlund has potential and we have to see if he lives up to it.

Bottom line: It’s a fair deal, but Calgary has a bit of an upper hand. Shinkaruk has more potential and is more of what the Flames need.

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