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Johann Auvitu: The Devils Gem

During the summer Ray Shero made a very interesting signing from the IIHF tournament where he and his staff agreed to sign Johann Auvitu of France. What I first saw when I looked Auvitu up (on YouTube) was that he has a lot of high energy with his speed, hockey sense, and a very good shot.

After The Devils preseason game versus The Rangers was a very eye opening game. The thing I noticed was that Yohann scored 3 assists in that game. Not to be over excited some people are thinking Auvitu is becoming a diamond on the ice where The Devils need him the most. From what I learned about Yohann is that he’s been very reliable back in The Finnish Hockey League where he has been there for quite a long time.

With Taylor Hall who was traded for Adam Larsson losing Larsson’s defense abilities was a big deal. With Auvitu and Kyle Quincey here in New Jersey my sense is that Ray Shero knows what he is gradually building his opening night roster. Looking forward to game 1 of 82 for the 2016-2017 season Yohann has really made his mark on the Devils coaching staff, and the upper echelon.

From a fans perspective I have had very little room for worrying about anything under Ray Shero. I know for most people who think getting a player from France is pretty rare and is only known for high end soccer. The soccer part is true but for a guy like Auvitu coming in from France looking to make his mark in New Jersey. With social media these days hopefully influences more French kids to pick up a stick and puck to participate like Yohann did especially after watching the IIHF tournament highlights.

Joseph Stanislau
Joe writes about the New Jersey Devils.
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