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Elliott vs. Johnson: Who Deserves The Starting Job?

The Calgary Flames’ goaltending situation this year has been difficult. Ride with the hot goalie, sit the cold one. But the real question in Calgary is: Who deserves to be named the ‘Starter’?

I remember talking about the Flames’ goaltending last season, and saying how they should go get Ben Bishop. But as we have moved on from that, here is a look at the two goalie candidates:

Brian Elliott

Brian Elliott has been very ‘meh’ this season. Currently his record sits at 8-12-2, while sporting a 2.92 GAA and .891 Sv%. Now.. those numbers are definitely not what Flames fans expected when Elliott was traded to Calgary. Damn, I wasn’t even expecting that.

Brian Elliott is a good goalie, and maybe he needs more competition in the crease. Well, I can’t really say he hasn’t had that this season. Chad Johnson has looked like a real steal on some nights for Calgary, while on other nights he reverts back to his normal-self. Still, how long can the Flames afford to wait around for one of these guys to claim the crease?

Elliott’s stats this year are way off from last year’s 23-8 record. He had a .930 save percentage last season. He was on his game. You can’t sit here and say that the Blues’ defence was the reason for his success. The Flames have an excellent defence, that when it shows up to play is one of the best.

Head coach Glen Gulutzan has not made a very good impression on Flames fans either. Hard to imagine he will stay too long, especially if the Flames don’t live up to their potential this season.

Do you ride it out with Elliott and wait for him to get hot? Or do you possibly see if Chad Johnson can catch fire again?

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson is having a fairly decent year, posting a 16-11-1 record. He is currently sporting a 2.41 GAA and a .917 save percentage.

Honestly, this whole Calgary Flames goaltending situation is a real mystery. Both of these goaltenders are very talented and have a great defence in front of them. In fact, Calgary as a team is underachieving. That, however, is no reason to say that’s the reason for the poor goaltending this year.

Elliott has been a mystery, and Chad Johnson looks more like the go-to-guy for the Calgary Flames. He has always been under the radar, and after seeing his .930 Sv% last year in Buffalo, Calgary jumped on him in free agency.

He has been good this year, and when he’s been hot, he has played. It was not foreseen that Johnson would start more games than Elliott, but as it stands right now, he has. Chad Johnson has started 29 games, while Elliott has only started 21.

Johnson, by the numbers, looks like the guy this year, and finally gets the chance to be the ‘starter’. However, Brian Elliott has the experience of winning in the playoffs and as soon as he gets it going, watch out.

And there it is folks… Elliott vs. Johnson.

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