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Why the NHL All-Star Weekend should change

The NHL All-Star weekend is a topic that gets debated on a regular basis. Do you see a point in having it?

Rosters + Format

The rosters are made up of all four divisions, voted by fans on a pre-determined list of players. As if last year’s John Scott wasn’t enough to make you scratch your head and say.. this is an All-Star Game? The NHL learned from that, as they restricted voting to a pre-determined list of players. When the rest of the rosters were announced on January 10th, each of the 30 teams in the NHL had a player representing them in the festivities. The head coaches were then decided by points percentage in each division.

This years format will continue to use the 3-on-3 tournament format successfully introduced in 2016, in which teams representing the NHL’s four divisions (Atlantic, Metropolitan, Central and Pacific) will play in a single-elimination tournament, with each game consisting of two 10-minute halves. If tied after 20 minutes, it goes directly to a shootout.

A lot of people miss the the old format. It would make a lot of sense as to why. 3-on-3 is tiring, especially when you’re a goaltender who ultimately gets very little rest in the two 10-minute halves. If you are a fan of the 3-on-3 style, that’s fine, you’re not alone. But why even bother having an All-Star Game?

What’s the point?

While I give the NHL props from steering away from another ‘John Scott Disaster,’ I’m still not convinced enough as to what the point of this entire weekend is. If the incentive is a million dollars split amongst a team, then wow. These guys already make a lot of money.

The question almost comes down to, should All-Star Weekend be removed? The point just is not there and 3-on-3 is a really tiring and injury-causing format. Carey Price said it well last year, you get ‘real tired.’

Should it change? Should it be removed?

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