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Shero and The Trade Market

With the questions of who is going to be moved and when remains to be seen today but earlier today with Devils radio voice Matt Loughlin on Twitter responded to tweets “Expect Ray to trade players for picks.” “True. It requires patience, which is asking a lot, but it’s the only way to long-term success.” “Talent upgrade is the solution. There are pieces in place so it’s not an across-the-board need but Ray is upgrading where/how he can.”

MSG Networks Deb Placey tweeted yesterday “Looks like Kyle Quincey will be traded. Said he came to the rink prepared to play, but thanked Ray Shero for being transparent & upfront.”

I have to summarize from these two paragraphs on the first one is “yes” you have to get draft picks in this years class of 2017. With the recent Ron Hainsey trade it seems that a 2nd round of 2017 and a player like Danny Kristo in return could be the most realistic move in this trade deadline for a defender older than Kyle Quincey to be traded. Meanwhile a steep return for Shattenkirk as a rental would never occur for a guy like Quincey who isn’t anywhere as talented or gifted as Kevin.


On the flip side Shero did get Quincey at 1.250 Million US Dollars for one year. If I’m Ray Shero the highest we would get is maybe a 3rd rounder in this years draft plus maybe a mid-rounder in this or next years draft. However if teams that still have interest in PA Parenteau I feel may reach similar or a bit higher YOT (Yield On Trade) than Lee Stempniak for those playoff teams looking for a right handed shot, and a younger veteran vs. last years Lee Stempniak.

But the real magic by Ray Shero begins around the expansion draft, and by July 1st’s free agent day with trades, and brining in players fiscally responsibly with¬†$39,668,194 to spend. However Ray won’t spend just because he has the green light from management. Shero has proven to buy into the market when other teams need cap relief, and have to give up a quality guy. With that being said I’m more interested to see Ray acquire a few defenders later in the summer.¬†


Joseph Stanislau

Joe writes about the New Jersey Devils.

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