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Who is Desharnais?

Last night during Edmonton’s game against the Blues, Chiarelli made a deal. They traded rear guard Brandon Davidson in exchange for David Desharnais. It was trade that Oilers fans weren’t on board with as Davidson has been a trooper for years in Edmonton.


After being drafted in the 6th round Brandon Davidson had a long road to make it where he is today. After slowly rising to the point to the AHL he was diagnosed testicular cancer. He ended up beating the disease and continued to rise to the NHL, where he has turned into a solid NHL defenseman. Currently he only has 1 assist in 28 games, but last year he finished with 11 points through 51 games. Davidson has a heck of a shot and is extremely good at making outlet passes out of the D zone. He will most likely play on Montreal’s bottom pairing and will help bolster their dcorps.


David Desharnais took the long road to the NHL. He was undrafted and made his way to through Montreal’s system to make the NHL. Desharnais has a 51.1% corsi this season, indicating that he is a positive possession player. He has a career faceoff percentage over 50%, however this year he’s only at 48%. Desharnais will most likely line up as our third line center. This means that Edmonton is locked in to the idea of having Draisaitl and Mcdavid on the same line. Our lineup could look something like:





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