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Who is Desharnais?

Last night during Edmonton's game against the Blues, Chiarelli made a deal. They traded rear guard Brandon Davidson in exchange for David Desharnais. It was trade that Oilers fans weren't on board with as Davidson has been a trooper for years in Edmonton. Davidson After being drafted in the 6th round Brandon

Kris Russell Signs in Edmonton

After dealing away Nail Yakupov to free up cap space, the Oilers made another move, signing Kris Russell to a one year deal worth 3.1 million. This move brings in another NHL caliber defenseman, which contrary to Oilers teams past, gives us positional depth. The one wrinkle of course being

The Bachelor, Oilers Edition!

Hello, and welcome to, the Edmonton Oilers Bachelor competition! Where we find out which 2 of these lucky right wingers will be selected to play in the middle six for the Oilers in the 2016-2017 season! Now before I announce who I believe the winners are let's first meet our

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