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Calgary Flames, the most aggressive team on the phones, trades to come?

According to one of hockey’s biggest insiders, the Calgary Flames are the most aggressive team on the phones. Elliotte Friedman was on CBC last night between periods of Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning and gave Flames fans reason to believe roster changes are on the way. Jiri Hudler is getting some interested and they said, “You’re really gonna have to make it worth our while.”

“If you ask teams who the most aggressive teams out there are, in terms of working the phones, it’s the Calgary Flames.” Friedman said on the “Headlines” segments after the second period of a game won by the Blackhawks that give them a 3-2 series lead and a chance to win the Stanley Cup at home on Monday night.

He added that although they will have an aggressive mindset, they will not to anything to disrupt the long term signings of Mark Giordano, Johnny Gaudreau, and Sean Monahan when their contracts expire next off-season.

This could either be really good for the Flames, or really bad. I hope and expect good, considering Brad Treliving hasn’t really shown that he is willing to take anything that will not benefit his team. He did a solid job this year in putting together a group of guys who could win and ultimately got into the playoffs, and the second round.

Brian Burke, said in an interview that it was the teams lack of size that lost them the series with Anahiem. It had nothing to do with Anahiems skill or depth, but just the size factor. Now they need size, but skill along with that size. They already dumped $4 Million dollars for the next two seasons on “size” with Deryk Engelland and Brandon Bollig.

They need to be smarter when it comes to trading and free agency.

Cody Franson – 6’5, 27 year old Defensemen who can score. This would be one of the most beneficial pick ups for the Calgary Flames this upcoming off-season. Not only is Franson big, but he can put up 35+ points a season which is another bonus to his repertoire. The only problem with Cody Franson is that he will want a lot of money, and yet he has yet to prove that he is worth what he is asking.

Joel Ward – 6’1, Right Wing with skill and size. He probably won’t resign in Washington, as they already said that Holtby is their #1 priority, as he should be. With Ward comes skill and his big frame. He is a proven playoff performer and with 20 goals put up within a depth player there is some skill there. He has the size and the skill. He can play Bob Hartley’s game, rough and tough and he is all about it, only problem is that he is 34.

Milan Lucic – Now I know there has been stories about Lucic not going anywhere, but im sure with the right deal that benefits both sides he would move. Now this guy would be the best fit in Calgary, he not only is a beast, he has the skill/size combo that the Calgary Flames have desperately needed. Micheal Ferland may fit into the similar role as Lucic but that has yet to be determined. This guy is paid a lot, might be overpaid but might not be, he is under a lot of big players in Boston and he could really shine in Calgary. We don’t know what the package would have to look like though.

Rick Nash – This is a guy that is most likely if traded, not coming to Calgary. But, he does have the size and skill throwing up 42 goals this season. He would be a decent fit in the Flames were looking at upgrading their top 6 to be a little bigger and more skilled. Nash is paid a lot, but at one point he was a 90 point player. We will see what happens.

Evgeni Malkin – This guy has been under Sid’s shadow for too long, it is time for him to break out and be on ‘his’ own team. He is an offensive force along with a power forward frame. There has been many rumors breaking out about him being traded, no one knows where but his asking price would be insane. We will see.

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