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The Falling Canadiens


Hello guys, my name is Braidon and I’ll be covering the Montreal Canadiens. My first post should obviously be about how bad they have been over the past couple of months.

Personally, I feel like they should just tank and try for a top 5 pick. Price might be out for the remainder of the season and our offence has been complete garbage as of late, so it won’t be hard. Seems as if to win, the Canadiens need Price. If he comes back sooner rather than later, they may have a chance to grab a playoff spot. They say one player doesn’t make a team, but surely in Montreal’s case it does.


  • A #1 Center, Galchenyuk isn’t ready for the 1st line gig.
  • Time for a coaching change? Is Michel Therrien’s job safe?
  • Pick up another goalie? Without Price they have been abysmal.

They’ve fallen off the wagon since Price got injured. It is due to a variety of factors including; the offence not being able to score, poor Defence, and mediocre goaltending. The Canadiens need to pick it up, and do it fast before Marc Bergevin makes a few big choices.

Anyways, make sure to comment and such as I’ll try my best to keep you updated with everything around the Habs


26-24-4 OVERALL | 11-5-1 ATLANTIC (5TH)
Canadiens 2.68 2.66 18.64%
Eastern 8th 11th 12th


One thought on “The Falling Canadiens

  1. Fantastic Article, and I couldnt agree more 😉

    Although I would love to see Price back NOW, a completely healed, rejuvenated Price is what we really need.


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