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Subban to E-Town?

     montreal-que-february-6-2016-p-k-subban-of-the-montr I’m gonna begin this by saying I’m doubtful this happens. You just don’t move a top ten defenceman in this league, especially if he’s a right shot (which is rarer).  Just for fun though I’m going to go into what exactly it’d take to land him and if it would make sense for Chiarelli and Bergevin.

      If Subban were to become available for whatever reason the Oilers would definitely be one of the front runners and everyone save Mcdavid would be on available. I imagine the current core of the Oilers to be Hall, Mcdavid, one of Eberle/Nuge, Draisaitl, Klefbom, and Nurse. If Subban were to come here it would take two of those pieces plus a pick to acquire him something like Nuge, Klefbom, and our first for Subban, Eller, and their first. Does that make sense for both sides?


If Montreal completes that trade it gives them a Player with the capacity to be a number 1 center in Nugent-Hopkins, A solid top 4 D in Klefbom, and a shot at Matthews. I would say that Nuge is a number 1 but the Hero chart shows he could use improvement in some areas.

Dashboard 1

As we can see he’s a A great Number 2 and at 22 can still develop into a number 1. Nuge is also underachieving this year due to injury and the emergence of Draisaitl and Mcdavid taking some of his ice time. Kefbom is also 22 and an amazing player for Edmonton, it would be tough to give him up– although for Subban it’d be worth it. Klebom’s hero chart shows how talented the defenceman is.

Dashboard 1-2

Montreal would get two great pieces in Klebom and Nuge but give up the best piece in the trade. They also get a draft pick, which knowing the Oiler’s luck with lotteries gives them a good chance at the number 1 pick. I don’t think Bergevin wants to give up Subban but if I looked at this proposal it would definitely make me consider it and Bergevin would be ill-advised not to look into this possibility.


Edmonton receives the best player in the trade in Subban who is a bonafide cornerstone of a team and would immediately be our top player. They also receive an effective third line center in Eller who can chip on offensively and is a solid 2 way player. Subban’s hero chart clearly shows the level of talent he has and if I’m Montreal I’d be crazy to trade him.

Dashboard 1-3

Edmonton would be extremely delighted to acquire him as a top 4 including Sekera, Subban, Nurse, and one other defenceman in free agency would be formidable. A top pairing of Subban and Nurse would demolish opponents the same way Keith and Seabrook or Weber and Josi do. This greatly improves our defense and would be worth thinning out our forward depth to balance out our roster.

Dashboard 1-4

Eller would become our third line center which would be a huge improvement over Letestu who to be honest is best used as a fourth liner. I also must mention the poetic irony of Eller being traded here following his comments saying the Oilers play “a little bit like a junior team.” This trade also gives Edmonton Montreal’s pick which for this I’m guessing they don’t make the playoffs this year should be around the 10th overall pick. For Chiarelli this trade makes sense even if it means losing Matthews. In the same way he brought Chara to Boston he would be bringing in the cornerstone of Chiarelli’s Oilers.

This whole situation with Subban makes me think of back when Eakins was our coach. Right near the end of his tenure there were a bunch of Taylor Hall rumors and I think something similar is going on here. I don’t believe Subban is going to go anywhere because if we had him would we move him? I believe the answer to that would be no– but stranger things have happened in the NHL. This is shaping up to be one interesting trade deadline.

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