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Blackhawks Defenseman Duncan Keith Suspension could hurt Hawks in Playoffs

Chicago Blackhawks defenceman Duncan Keith has been offered an in-person hearing with the NHL’s department of player safety to discuss his high-sticking of Minnesota Wild forward Charlie Coyle. Because Keith’s hearing was offered in-person, his potential suspension could exceed the five regular-season games remaining in Chicago’s schedule. Here’s a sparking argument, why’d he do it? Not only that, but with 5 games left, really? This suspension could turn out real bad for the Hawks. If the suspension goes into the playoffs, the Hawks are in trouble. They could be without Crawford and Keith. But take a look at what the suspension is for: He blatantly swings his stick from the ice, hitting Minnesota F Charlie Coyle in what looks to be the face. Keith was ejected from the game for intent to injure.

Duncan Keith is a veteran NHL Defenseman, and I’m sure no one knows what was going through his head, maybe something like this:

Gotta give credit where credit is due, thank you NHLTrashTalkers for this sneak peek into Keith’s brain. This picture is gold.


If the suspension is taken as seriously as it should, it should be more than 10 games. There is no need to be slashing guys in the face, especially from the ice. The Blackhawks are probably not too happy with Duncan Keith right now, who is ultimately one of their two best defensemen. Without Crawford and Keith the Hawks are missing a lot.

Chicago has clinched a post-season berth but is still battling for home-ice advantage in Round 1. The Blackhawks are currently without their No. 1 goaltender, Corey Crawford, who is dealing with an upper-body injury.

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