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Las Vegas to open $375M NHL-ready arena next week

The T-Mobile Arena opens in Las Vegas next week, increasing their chances of getting an NHL team. They are competing with Quebec City to get an expansion team. The Expansion would be for the 2017-18 season. Expansion process goes until August 10th.

Quebecor manages the Videotron Centre, which would be where the Nordiques would play, if they were to come back due to expansion.

Arpin said the MGM — which has partnered with industry giant AEG — expects to do 100 events a year in the new arena without a hockey team, and 130 if billionaire Bill Foley is successful in convincing the NHL to give Las Vegas its first major league professional franchise. Nearly 14,000 people have already put down season ticket deposits for a possible team in the arena, which will seat 17,500 for hockey.

Foley is ready to pay $500 million for an expansion team, and the NHL appears interested. The league is considering applications from Las Vegas and Quebec City, though owners have yet to vote on whether to expand. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said at GM meetings last month that a decision would have to be reached by June if the league is to expand for the 2017-18 season.

If a team comes, the arena is ready. There are two locker rooms built exclusively for hockey, and two others built for the NBA, should that league also come calling.


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