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Detroit, Philadelphia clinch playoff spots, all 16 playoff teams set

The Philadelphia Flyers and Detroit Red Wings have punched their ticket to the Stanley Cup playoffs on Saturday.

It was a 3 way race between the Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers and Detroit Red Wings for the final 2 spots in the East.

The day started with the Bruins taking on the Senators. With Tuukka Rask out due to an undisclosed injury, the Bruins were going to have a tough time aginast the Sens. That proved to be the case as they were thumped 6-1 by the pesky Sens. The Bruins finished the year with a 42-31-9 record with 93 points and 38 ROW.

The Red Wings on the other hand took on the New York Rangers. Boston and Detroit were tied in points at 93 coming into today’s action but since Detroit had one more ROW and the Bruins lost, the Detroit Red Wings clinched 3rd in the Atlantic division and a 1st round matchup with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Detroit lost 3-2 to the Rangers in their final game of the season

The Philadelphia Flyers had an extra game in hand over Detroit and Boston but with only 92 points and 36 ROW, they’d need two points in two games to qualify for the playoffs. They played their rivals the Pittsburgh Penguins who were without stars, Sidney Crosby, Kris Letang and Marc-Andre Fluery. It would prove that the Penguins would miss them as the Flyers took the game 3-1 and surpassed the Bruins to take the 2nd and final wild card spot and clinch a playoff spot.

Detroit has now extended their playoff streak to 25 straight years, and the Flyers are back in after failing to make it in 2015. The Bruins however, miss the playoffs just narrowly for the second straight year.

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